How to check your ADS-B Out RVSM Monitoring status in the US

ADS-B Out RVSM Monitoring flight test result updates are usually posted 30 days after the flight and on the 15th of every month.

What is RVSM and how does it enhance airspace safety?

FAA Terrestrial ADS-B Coverage Continental US

Furthermore, only successfully recorded aircraft ADS-B Out results are posted — if your US registered aircraft result does not appear on the current listing:

  1. US operators that are not listed or do not have a current monitoring date in any results listings can request ADS-B results by providing flight details using the ADS-B Monitoring Request form (PDF)
  2. Make sure that your aircraft equipment, ADS-B squitter code, meets the requirements and was installed properly. You can request a Public ADS-B Performance Report on your aircraft here.
  3. Foreign Aircraft can be monitored using ADS-B Out in the US but the approval notification process is not the same. See the notes after Step 3 for more details.
FAA Terrestrial ADS-B Coverage Alaska FIR

Step 1: Visit the NAARMO Website

You will want visit the North American Approvals and Regional Monitoring Organization NAARMO website:

This website will have the Approval listings and all posted ADS-B Out Monitoring results to date.

To see the results listings, go to the section Approval and Monitoring Reports.

See the bullet with text “US IGA Operators with Domestic RVSM Authorization under Part 91 Section 9 (ADS-B)” with a date. The date listed will be when the list was last updated.

FAA Terrestrial ADS-B Coverage Hawaii FIR

Step 2: Open the RVSM Approvals and ADS-B Monitoring Status List

Open the current approvals list in Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF. For General Aviation operators, use the “IGA (New)” links.

Click on the link (appears as “PDF, MS Excel”) following the text text “US IGA Operators with Domestic RVSM Authorization under Part 91 Section 9 (ADS-B)” to open the results list. You can choose to open the results listing in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Excel formats.

FAA Terrestrial ADS-B Coverage Guam FIR

Step 3: Find your Aircraft Registration in the US RVSM Approvals list

If you do not see a date listed for your US Registered Aircraft, the result may not be posted yet. Check back again after the 15th of the month.

To find your aircraft registration in either the PDF or Excel document, look under the “Reg no” column in the document. You can scroll through the document or use a “Find” shortcut and type in the registration you are looking for (press the Ctrl key + F to open the Find in document box).

To search the document on a Windows computer, press the “Control” key and the “F” key to open the text finder. You can enter your Registration or Serial Number and find it in the list, if it exists.

You can search the document for either the Aircraft Registration or Serial Number.

If you find your aircraft registration row, the column “Last GMU / ADS-B Monitoring” will show a DATE if your ADS-B RVSM Monitoring was completed successfully.

The “Last GMU / ADS-B Monitoring DATE” is when the aircraft was captured by the ADS-B RVSM Monitoring flight system and was recorded successfully.

The “Last GMU / ADS-B Monitoring DATE” also means the NAARMO was able to obtain an Altimetry System Error (ASE) result to validate the RVSM Monitoring requirements.

FAA Terrestrial ADS-B Coverage Puerto Rico FIR

Foreign Registered Aircraft/Operators RVSM monitoring in the USA with ADS-B Out

It is possible for foreign registered aircraft to be monitored in the US airspace using ADS-B Out however the NAARMO will not report the RVSM Monitoring results of foreign registered aircraft. There is not a notification process for foreign aircraft on RVSM approvals monitored with ADS-B Out in the US.

The Operator will need to contact their State Authority of aircraft registry to obtain the RVSM Monitoring Approval and test results.

The State Authority of the aircraft registry should then contact the applicable Regional Monitoring Agency for their state. The Regional Monitoring Agency will be able to find the RVSM Monitoring aircraft test results that the NAARMO has shared on a non public database and only once the ADS-B Monitoring data results are completed.

For more information on your Regional Monitoring Agency, the Regional Montioring Agency contact information, and the countries they serve, see this article linked below.

When the Regional Monitoring Agency locates the ADS-B RVSM Monitoring test results provided from NAARMO, the Regional Monitoring Agency will send a formal letter to the State Authority verifying the airworthiness approval and RVSM requirements are completed. The RVSM Approval will be granted upon satisfactory return of this completed form to the Regional Monitoring Agency.

The RVSM Regional Monitoring Agencies and Areas of Responsibility

Here is an example of the process for South American Registered aircraft that perform ADS-B Out RVSM Monitoring in the USA:

  1. After 4 weeks, the Brazilian Operator contacts the Brazilian ANAC to inquire about the ADS-B RVSM Monitoring flight in the USA with the date of flight and any other information.
  2. The Brazilian ANAC will contact the Regional Monitoring Agency CARSAMMA to request information on the ADS-B RVSM Monitoring flight.
  3. The CARSAMMA will consult the NAARMO ADS-B RVSM Monitoring records shared between Regional Monitoring Agencies. If the aircraft is found on the list with the ADS-B RVSM monitoring results, the CARSAMMA will provide a formal letter to the Brazilian ANAC with the satisfactory test results.
  4. The Brazilian ANAC will take the CARSAMMA formal letter on test results and finish the approval process. The Brazilian ANAC will next send the RVSM Approval Form (F2) to the CARSAMMA. When the CARSAMMA receives the F2 form, the CARSAMMA will update the aircraft approval in the RVSM Aircraft Approved / Aeronaves Aprovadas listings on their website.

Other RVSM Monitoring Service Options in the USA

If ADS-B Out monitoring is not an option, CSSI RVSM is here to help.

CSSI RVSM Monitoring Toolkit for Aircraft

We offer on demand aircraft RVSM Monitoring Service when you need it and we meet your aircraft at your preferred FBO location.

We have trained technicians in our partner provider network with portable aircraft RVSM Monitoring Toolkits that are ready to meet you at your preferred airport to perform the RVSM Monitoring test flight in under 2 hours.

CSSI developed the E2GMU — portable aircraft RVSM Monitoring Toolkit under the guidance of the US Federal Aviation Administration to perform on-the-spot RVSM Monitoring data collection on board the aircraft. It is currently in use in over 8 countries around the world.

Through our E2GMU sales program, CSSI RVSM has also developed a worldwide network of RVSM Monitoring Providers that can perform the RVSM test in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Venezuela, and neighboring countries. The RVSM Monitoring Toolkit portability allows for a great range of service areas to meet your RVSM Monitoring requirements.

Contact CSSI RVSM today for assistance and a list of provider partners around the world.

About CSSI, Inc.

CSSI RVSM has proudly served the world’s RVSM monitoring needs since July 1999. Through our contract support, hardware support, and training support, CSSI has supported over 20,000 monitoring flights and counting worldwide. CSSI RVSM is ready to help you complete the RVSM monitoring flight required to maintain RVSM approval for your aircraft.



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